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We offer independent recreational and technical SCUBA dive training and certification. We also have tons of fun. Check out our store for all your SCUBA Diving needs.

Dive Training & Travel

Are you ready to leap into the underwater world or are you looking to expand your skills?

From our experience lots of trip providers frown on training during their trips. We have taken the opposite stance and encourage divers on our trips to expand their diving knowledge. We can set up custom training based on your needs on all of our trips for divers of all levels. Are you looking to take a few specialty courses or maybe try that rebreather you have been thinking about! Just reach out to us directly and we can assist with setting up the custom training you are looking for.

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Learn To SCUBA Dive

We invite you to have the experience of a lifetime. Let us get you with an experienced instructor so you can start your underwater journey!

We offer the initial open water class through SDI (SCUBA Diving International). Check out our FAQ for details.

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Rebreather (CCR) Dive Training

Welcome to the dark side! Once you try a CCR dive you will never go back. No more bubbles and extended bottom times await. The marine life is so much more friendly.

We have local instructors avaiable for the rEvo, XCCR, Hollis Prism2, Poseidon, and more. Reach out to us for details.


Technical Dive Training

Are you ready to take your diving to the next level? We can help that. We have partnered with a local dive professional offering all levels of technical dive training.

Advanced Nitrox and Decompression Theory, Advanced Wreck, Normoxic Trimix, Hypoxic Trimix, Technical Divemaster, just to name a few.