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The ES124 Double Lens Mask is an ultra low volume, low profile mask. The double lens design keeps the lenses close to the diver's face, providing a wide field of vision. The high impact plastic frame and tempered glass lenses are extremely durable. A matte black silicone skirt gives the ES124 a stealth look along with a superior fit, especially for divers with narrower or smaller faces. Tech mask buckles allow for quick adjustment, and fold completely down to easily store in a pocket. The ES124 is the perfect mask for tech divers or freedivers that appreciate an ultra low volume mask. Its compact/lightweight design also makes the ES124 the ideal mask for travel.  A protective storage case is included.


Technical Details


  • High impact plastic frame
  • Tempered glass double lens design
  • Adjustable tech mask buckles (buckles fold flat for storage)
  • Protective storage box
  • 6 oz (170 g)
  • 8 oz (334.5 g) with box