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We offer independent recreational and technical SCUBA dive training and certification. We also have tons of fun. Check out our store for all your SCUBA Diving needs.

rEvo Closed Circuit Rebreather Training (CCR)

Offering rEvo certification through SSI or TDI in Arizona (Tucson or Phoenix), Southern California (Los Angeles & San Diego), and the Sea of Cortez, Mexico (San Carlos, Hermosillo, Guaymas), or we can set up a custom course in the location of your choice. We have experience teaching from the Cayman Islands, Indonesia, Micronesia and more...

Who this course is for:

Any diver who is interested in learning how to dive a closed circuit rebreather.


Rebreathers are incredible tools for those divers who are looking to increase the amount of time they spend underwater. They are ideal for photographers and video professionals, wreck divers, cave divers, etc.


To learn more if this course would be appropriate for you please reach out to us directly for a private consultation of your needs and future diving goals. We can help provide the direction you need to get started!


What do I need to have to start?

Course prerequisites:

  • Open Water Diver Certification, Deep Diving, Enriched Air Nitrox, Advanced Open Water

  • Minimum age 18


What you can expect to learn:

  • How do safely dive a rEvo Closed Circuit Rebreather to a max depth of 30 meters / 100 feet using air diluent with no accumulated decompression

    *Some students based on prior Open Circuit experience may be eligible to start at the CCR Extended Range level with an initial certification to 45M using Trimix

Get Started Today

  • All of our rEvo CCR courses are build on demand around your schedule. We will complete a MINIMUM of 6 dives but more likely many more.

  • We have rental units available if you would like to do a CCR try dive in confined water prior to committing to a full course.

  • We offer rEvo CCR training through both SSI and TDI so you can pick the agency you are most comfortable with.

  • After successful course completion we run rebreather specific trips so you will never be left without a dive buddy. Also once you have logged some hours on your unit you can enroll in the next course and start extending your range.

Whats Next?

In addition to the entry level user course listed above you can continue to learn how to extend your range on your rEvo rebreather all the way to 100 meters!

The sky is the limit if you put in the time and dedication to get to the next level!


  • SSI CCR Extended Range / TDI Air Diluent-Helitrox CCR - 45M Certification

  • SSI CCR Technical Extended Range / TDI Mixed Gas CCR - 60M Certification

  • SSI CCR Hypoxic Trimix / TDI Advanced Mixed Gas CCR- 100M Certification

  • TDI CCR Cavern, Intro To Cave, Rebreather Full Cave

Why dive a rEvo rebreather

With more testing and more redundancy built into the unit than any other rebreather on the market, the rEvo III Closed Circuit Rebreather is truly a rEvolutionary Rebreather. With a wide range of choice on size and electronics configuration, you can be sure you have the perfect rebreather for your diving needs and local diving environments.

Dual Scrubbers: The rEvo Rebreather Dual Scrubber System means that the rEvo uses significantly less CO2 absorbent than other rebreathers.

Choice of Electronics: We can assist you in the picking the right configuration of electronics to suit your diving needs. eCCR, mCCR, or hCCR. Choose between Shearwater Petrel, Shearwater NERD2, rEvodreams or any combincation of the 3.

Choice of Size: The rEvo III rebreather is available in Standard, Mini or Micro to ensure your get the most comfortable rebreather for you.

rMS System: The rEvo rMS System provides an accurate assessment of when to change your CO2 absorbent, making it the most efficient use of scrubbers on the market.