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Expand your world - 2019 Technical
Dive Travel Options

Technical OC/CCR Trip
Bali, Indoesia
February 18 - March 3, 2019

$3750 - Technical Option
8 Guided Tech Dives to 60M-200'
100M-330' Option is available

Join us in Bali for a true full island all-inclusive adventure.  We will be staying in Amed on the quite and scenic North East part of the island. We have 12 nights planned in the beautiful bunga laut bungalows and 11 diving days and 25 dives!

We will explore the historic USAT liberty shipwreck, dive with Manta Rays at Nusa Penida, serach for Mola-Mola at Crystal Bay and Emeralds, serach for stunning macro in the muck of Amed and Tulamben.

If you are already a certified technical diver both OC and CCR we can support you fully on this trip. For an additional $800 CCR divers will receive included O2 fills and 8 MOD2 dives to a max depth of 200’ with runtimes of 90-120 minutes depending on gas planning. You will also still get 17 additional dives.

Helium for MOD2 dives is an additional cost and absorbent is an additional cost as well. All MOD2 dives will be guided and we will cover some incredible terrain linking multiple sits.

The facility includes a rebreather room, mixed gas availability, absorbent in stock, all necessary equipment for daily maintenance. 

The Graveyard Of The Atlantic

Morehead City, North Carolina
May 20-26, 2019

$45 Per Day Tech Supplement For Tech Dives

Join us in "The Graveyard of the Atlantic" out of Morehead City with Olympus Dive Center. The Graveyard of the Atlantic gets its name from the estimated 2000 shipwrecks scattered along the North Carolina coastline. Consistently voted #1 Wreck Diving in North America by Scuba Diving magazine's Readers' Poll, many of these historic vessels are accessible to divers.

This is a tech light trip and would be perfect for newly certified tech divers or those looking to get a good workup trrip in prior to Croatia. Olympus dive center has full support for CCR and OC  Tech divers.

Some of the most impressive wrecks are the World War II casualties - vessels fallen prey to Hitler's U-boat fleet as they traversed the offshore waters. Tankers, cargo ships, British fishing trawlers, and even German submarines, form impressive underwater monuments to this tumultuous segment of our maritime heritage. Among others, a World War I gunboat, a late 18th century schooner, and an early 20th century luxury liner exist in North Carolina's unparalleled collection of dive-able history.

WWII Wreck Diving and Amazing Walls
Rab Island, Croatia

August 18 - 27, 2019


Join us on Rab Island in Croatia for an incredible dive experience with a European flare on the Adriatic Sea. We have 8  nights planned in private 2 & 3 bedroom apartments (NO SINGLE SUPPLEMENTS) within walking distance to the dive center.

The technical trip will focus on World War 2 wrecks that are on the sea floor between 150 and 300 feet. The second dive of the day will be made amongst color coral canyons and walls.

Rab has a rich history with many historical figures. Settled by Illyrians in 350BC, Rab became ancient Roman municipality in the 1st century BC and developed into center of the eastern coast of Adriatic, called Felix Arba ( Arb is Illyric for dark, lush). Its glory days began between the second half of the XI. century all the way to XIII century, when it was governed by the Croatian rulers, as well as members of Venetian republic in a form of a free Adriatic comune. It was later sold to Venice in the 15th century and remained in their rule all the way to the 1798 when Napoleon came to these parts.

Worlds Greatest Wreck Diving
Truk Lagoon, Micronesia
November 2019


Come join us as we explore the ghost fleet of Truk Lagoon, arguably the best wreck diving in the world! We will travel to the Federated States of Micronesia for an amazing land based excursion to dive the wrecks of the Japanese Imperial Navy!


In February of 1944, the US Navy sunk nearly 50 Japanese ships and over 350 airplanes in just two days. We will be staying at the world famous Blue Lagoon Resort. The diving will be in small groups of just 4-6 divers per boat with a local guide.


This makes for a very intimate experience and you can literally pick the wrecks that you would like to dive. With all of the wrecks being sunk in war, diving Truk is like taking a step back into history! If you are not in to wrecks, the marine life that now makes these wrecks home will leave most divers in a state of awe!